This is the one book that will help you hit the ground running in a brand-new job… and show you how to become a rising star in your new career.

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The Starting Point for Your Career

When you show up for your new job on Day One, you’ll enter an unfamiliar world of unknown people and unwritten rules. If you want to succeed with your great new job, there’s a lot you have to learn. And learn fast.

You suddenly have a boss (who has great power over your day-to-day life). You’re part of a team whose members will make snap judgments about you. You’ll have to figure out what the heck is a “chain of command”… and why you’re on the bottom rung.

Your success—and perhaps your career—depends on the tangible results you deliver. But your job description barely mentions specific “results” (maybe you’re expected to guess…). Your performance will be measured, evaluated, and criticized in ways you never expected. Failure definitely is an option.

If this new world of work is confusing, The First Hundred Days can be your trusted guide to survival and success. Packed with practical advice, checklists, and personal stories, The First Hundred Days shows you how to handle work-related relationships, performance metrics, reputation management, and other career-building challenges.

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Hands-On Advice!

“You probably met your boss while you were  interviewing for your new job. You had an extended conversation about your expectations (and his or hers) and your boss listened closely when you described your strengths and weaknesses. Almost certainly, you and your boss aren’t total strangers to each other…”

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True Life Stories!

“I spent two years at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, studying to be an automotive technician. My instructors were great people, each with 25 to 30 years of industry experience. We spent five hours a day learning about technology and another two hours in the shop. By the time I got my diploma, I felt really knowledgeable about engines…”

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50 Quick Start Soft Skills!

“Meetings are one of the most disliked parts of corporate life. However, meetings are also an essential way for team members to share information and ideas. Yes, you can conduct virtual meetings online, by email, or through various fancy collaboration tools. But if an issue really matters, you’re going to want face-to-face discussion…”

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Praise for The First Hundred Days

“I read the book cover to cover in a couple of sittings, and loved it! Lots of ‘I wish I’d done that’, and some of ‘It took me a while to figure that out’, and not a small number of ‘Wow, that’s a great idea’ moments.”

— Navtej Singh Khandpur

“… If you read this book, there will be no confusion about what matters, what to do (and not do), and how to make your new job both successful and enjoyable.”

–John Brodeur

“… [Jeff’s] writing style, which I can only describe as ‘down home’, is fun, engaging and quickly gets to the heart of the point he is making.”

–Sam Klaidman

“… Full of great stories. It’s an awesome read and many of the stories are fun to read multiple times!”

–Jasmin Skinner

“… Many people don’t begin to understand some of the key lessons in this book until later in their careers—and pay a price for it.”

–Jonathan Rotenberg

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